The 10 Worst Cars Ever Designed

2. 1957 King Midget Model III:

This vehicle was designed as a result of the idea by Caud Dry and Dale Orcutt, residents of Athens, Ohio State, by then, to design affordable cars. Model I was their first design. The design was presented as a homemade kit. It consisted of the frame, axles, and metal sheet materials. The later needed to be worked on by someone with experience on fabrication.

The vehicle could be powered by any single cylinder engine. The vehicle was kind of a giant DIY model you could simply drive after you assemble it. The business was sustainable until late 60’s when they closed with the model III.

The latest model, model III, was kind of a folded steel box with a 9 horsepower motor. Ultimately, the government safety rules made the King Midget to be nothing more than a memorable thing. It could not stand the safety standards.

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