The 10 Worst Cars Ever Designed


5. 1934 Chrysler/DeSoto Airflow:

The Airflow of the 1930’s was a flaw because it took the design of the cars developed in the 1950’s and later. However, during that time, the technological implementations were not good enough to sustain the model by then.

The Airflow was designed with an Aerodynamic body, a 50-50 weight distribution, a steel subframe, and it was lightweight in general. This design was a dramatic change from what the Americans were used to at that time. They did not concur with the idea.

Since the construction techniques were yet to be in existence, there was a big issue in sustaining the engine in the model. You could encounter an issue and the engine falls off the vehicle, which was not a nice experience. Even after Chrysler and Desto tried to redesign the car, the mindset of the people had already been negative on this vehicle. It failed a short afterward.

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