10 Top Celebrities Death That Shook The World

Death is inevitable, of that we are very certain; but when it comes and how it comes is the mystery we will never be able to unravel.

Many have lost friends and family members and the sting of death is one pain which loved ones find so very hard to get over.

One very saddening reality too is the fact that oftentimes, our most beloved ones die too young, some while they have gotten into the lamplight while others when they still trying to cut their teeth.

This much is also true about the celebs that we love, some of them die too soon before we are able to come to a full comprehension of their person.

Others die at a ripe old age, yet it is still a pain, because of the lives they have touched, the millions of souls they have reached out to with their works.

That said, the world has witnessed the passing away of some of the greatest stars that ever walked this path, their deaths had a very devastating effect on the people, many we cannot still believe are gone, so we make room for them in our memory, and have them live on forever.

There are some whose death remains a mystery to the world, and some people are still believing that they have gone into hiding, hoping that very soon they will return and take back the stage where their space still have not been occupied.

Below are ten stars who have gone to the great beyond, some of their deaths came too sudden, others came with so much pain, either ways their deaths still shook the world to its foundations.

We begin in no particular order of preference.

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  1. Human are born for his ultimate death but this sort of death is unacceptable inhumane and painful. Might be his opponent party could not accept his sky height acceptance by the people made them angry and they shoot him.

  2. And it is hard to believe that those two rappers at the beginning feature here, but then much greater, more talented and influential artists like Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Chris Cornell and most of all Leonard Cohen do not feature. . .


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