10 Celebrities Who Have Had Chronic Drug Addiction Issues

There are too many challenges that celebrities have faced all through the ages, perhaps, stardom is a kind of problem in itself.

To be human yet seen as an idol is a situation not everyone can handle, and so also is to have so much money than what one person should possess at a time.

The road to stardom is a very tough one and on arriving the destination, staying at the top as a star, is yet another battle that requires a lot of discipline.

Discipline tends to be the key to remaining a star with all its glory, but many celebrities get lost in the fame and fortune and often this tends to end in a disastrous fashion.

For many celebrities trying to buy the universe as to impress the world is their greatest undoing while for others indulging in the use of narcotics and drugs becomes their waterloo.

The use of alcohol and drugs has for too long been the cause of many celebrities’ fall, but somehow they tend to always go the old way, some being lucky to not get eternally ruined.

Overdosing on drugs has been the ruin of a plethora of stars and below are ten celebs who had chronic drug addiction issues.  Some of these stars never made it back alive, a note of warning to anyone who wants to walk this path, it often leads to ruin.

We begin in no particular order of preference or significance.

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