10 Famous Actors Who Are Also Musicians


it Is not unusual to see people indulge in various arts or trades, and such versatility is needed at this time in our existence.

Many stars and celebs have cultivated the habit of not focusing on their primary skill, so they tend to delve into other similar or related ventures.

The world of arts is a very vast one; however, true talents have always known how to navigate between the different phases, and making the best of the experience.

Music and film are two very different arts, however, there are binding factors and those who have mastered these factors find it easy to interphase. It is such persons that we see in movies in one day and the next we have them singing their souls out and the next day we see them walking the fashion runway, modeling for different outfits.

It is not in all cases that these persons are successful in an art other than what they are primarily known for, but it still does not change the fact that they give it their best and it remains on record that in addition to their CV, they were able to expand beyond the scope of the fields in which they are most comfortable.

We have put together a list of ten persons who have tried acting and singing, giving both arts their best.

It must be said that what they have achieved in their endeavors is really laudable.

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