The 10 Worst Cars Ever Designed


9. 1911 Overland ActoAuto:


The idea of having vehicles with only four wheels was not very good to the designer Milton Reeves. He said that if the vehicle had more wheels, the ride would be smoother. According to Reeves, six or eight wheels would be a better idea in automobiles.

In the year 1910, Reeves decides to redesign the Overland. He welded in some parts, added two axles and, attached four more wheels of the gurn-cart style. This is the genesis (and the end) of the ActoAuto. This he presented at the Indianapolis 500 but there was no order made at all. The car measured more than 20 feet in length.

Despite his first design failing, he went ahead and came up with the Sextauto the following year. This one had six axles and six wheels. The evidence that the idea never worked is the lack of cars with six wheels today.

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