The 10 Worst Cars Ever Designed

6. 1933 Fuller Dymaxion:

The Fuller Dymaxion was designed by R. Buckminster Fuller. His intention was to make the model a flying car. The jet engines were the main idea. According to him, the wings of the vehicle were to be inflatable. Whenever you need a road ride, you use the Dymaxion as a car. When you need to fly, you just need to inflate the wings and up you go.

However, this idea failed since the wings never came to pass on the main project during the production. This, therefore, left the Dymaxion without fulfilling the initial plan for the same. The end result was not a car, not a jet. It looked much like an enormous pill rolling down the streets.

The vehicle had three wheels with an A-arm carrying the rear wheels. This swiveled much like the airplane tail. The chances of developing this to its dream died when the Dymaxion was involved in accident. The cause of the accident could not be established.

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