The 10 Worst Cars Ever Designed


1. 1957 Waterman Aerobile:

Glenn Curtiss remark remarked how he would like to drive and airplane away from the airfield. When Waldo Waterman heard this remark, he took the idea and started working on it. He spent years working on the Aerobile.

In 1934, the “Arrowplane” prototype was ready, which Waldo flew. It was kind of high wing monoplane and had three tricycle wheels. The interesting thing is that when it landed, it folded the wings like an insect. This idea was deadly. What if strong waves of wind folded the wings while on flight? A sure ticket to death.

The design was later perfected in 1957 to become the Aerobile. However, after the completion, nobody was willing to risk death in the Aerobile. At the end, the development died. The finished prototype is still in the Smithsonian as a memory of the first flying car.

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