The 10 Worst Cars Ever Designed


3. 1956 Renault Dauphine:

This vehicle of a French origin was supposed to be named the Corvette. However, the name was taken by another model which happened to be a better vehicle. The designer made a horrible mistake of using thin metal that could easily allow rusting in a short time.

The design was also very poor and rickety. The general appearance and design of the car was just as the other cars of that time. The problem was that it was made up of poor quality material.

Apart from the design, the Dauphine also failed in performance. It would normally take a driver of Road and Track 32 second to attain a 60MpH. The speed is much slower than the weak vehicles in the market these days.

Despite all the flaws that this car had, they managed to sell some 2 million units by then. The reason they sold it out was that by then people would buy any car just to be seen that they, too, own a car.

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