Lu Lingzi Scholarship at Boston University 2023-2024


Getting a scholarship to study in the United States is a big deal, and Boston University is offering the Lu Lingzi Scholarship for Master’s students. Let’s explore what this scholarship is all about, including what it covers, who can apply, how to apply, and when you should apply.

About Boston University

Boston University is a well-known university in the United States. It’s in Boston, and it’s been around since 1839. They offer a wide range of programs for students. The Lu Lingzi Scholarship is one of the ways they help international students.

Lu Lingzi Scholarship Overview

The Lu Lingzi Scholarship is a special kind of scholarship. It pays for everything for Master’s students. That means it covers your tuition fees and gives you some money to help with other expenses.

Who Can Apply?

To get this scholarship, you need to meet two sets of rules:

1. Boston University Rules: First, you have to follow Boston University’s rules to get admitted there. You can check their rules on their website.

2. Lu Lingzi Scholarship Rules: There aren’t any specific rules for this scholarship. If you are an international student applying for a Master’s degree at Boston University, you can get this scholarship without doing anything extra.

How to Apply

Here’s how you can apply:

1. Apply to Boston University: Before you can get the Lu Lingzi Scholarship, you need to apply to Boston University. You can find all the details about how to do that on their website.

2. No Extra Application: Some scholarships need a separate application, but not this one. If you apply to Boston University and meet their requirements, you’ll automatically be considered for the Lu Lingzi Scholarship.

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Important Dates

The Lu Lingzi Scholarship itself doesn’t have a specific deadline. But you should be aware of when Boston University needs your application. The deadlines depend on the program you want to join:

– Priority Deadline: Apply by January 15, 2024 (Different Master’s programs may have different deadlines)

– Regular Deadline: Apply by March 15, 2024 (Different Master’s programs may have different deadlines)

– Summer Admission Deadline: Apply by June 1, 2024 (Different Master’s programs may have different deadlines)

– Fall Admission Deadline: Apply by August 22, 2024 (Different Master’s programs may have different deadlines)

You must check the exact deadline for the Master’s program you’re interested in.


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