University of San Diego Scholarships: Graduate Assistantships 2023 – 2024


The University of San Diego is a renowned private institution located in San Diego, United States. It was founded in 1949 and has gained a reputation for offering various scholarships to international students. One such scholarship opportunity is the Graduate Assistantship, which provides full funding for Master’s and Ph.D. students.

The University of San Diego offers a comprehensive scholarship program for international students, covering a range of expenses:

Graduate Assistantships Coverage

  • An hourly wage
  • Tuition scholarships depending on the department or office

This means that not only will you receive financial support through an hourly wage, but your tuition fees may also be covered, depending on the specific department or office you are affiliated with.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for this scholarship, there are two sets of criteria you must meet:

University of San Diego Eligibility Criteria: Before applying for Graduate Assistantships for international students, you need to apply for admissions at the University of San Diego. It’s important to review the University of San Diego’s admission eligibility criteria before starting your application.

Graduate Assistantships Specific Eligibility Criteria: There are no specific eligibility criteria for this scholarship other than being an international Master’s and Ph.D. student or applicant at the University of San Diego.

It’s crucial to understand these criteria as they can vary between institutions and scholarships. Make sure to check the University of San Diego admissions requirements as well as the specific criteria for the Graduate Assistantships program.

The application process for Graduate Assistantships involves several steps:

  1. Secure Admission: Before applying for the Graduate Assistantships, you must first secure admission to your department of choice or check with the office of your choice regarding the availability of positions. Admission to the university is a prerequisite for the scholarship application.
  2. Collect Requirements: You will need to gather the necessary documents and materials for the scholarship application, including an application form and potentially an interview.
  3. Submit Application: Once you have all the required documents ready, you can proceed to submit your scholarship application and all necessary materials.
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Remember that the application for the scholarship is separate from the university admission application. It’s essential to complete both processes to be considered for the Graduate Assistantships.


When it comes to deadlines, the University of San Diego provides flexibility for Graduate Assistantship applications:

  • Master’s Deadline (Fall – Priority Deadline): February 1, 2023 (Please note that different Master’s programs may have different deadlines within this timeframe.)
  • Master’s Deadline (Fall – Final Deadline): May 1, 2023 (Different Master’s programs have different deadlines.)
  • Master’s Deadline (Spring): December 1, 2023 (Different Master’s programs have different deadlines.)
  • Master’s Deadline (Summer): May 1, 2023 (Different Master’s programs have different deadlines.)
  • PhD Deadline: Exact deadlines vary depending on your chosen department or project.


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