10 Early Warning Signs that You May Be a Victim of HIV


HIV infection is one of the serious life-threatening health concerns worldwide. Consequently, many people lose their lives if they do not diagnose and treat it promptly. There are three stages of HIV; Acute HIV Infection, Chronic HIV Infection, and AIDS. The different stages of HIV infection determine the risk of infecting other people and your life as well.

The Acute HIV stage is the most dangerous stage that leads to many infections without people noticing. The stage begins about two weeks after you get infected and can take a few years. At this stage, the virus can multiply and transmit easily from one patient to the other. You need to manage HIV infection before it grows into the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) since this stage is incurable by medical means.

Today, We are going to highlight some of the early signs of HIV infection. It is a good idea to go for a check up and seek medical attention early enough which come with confidential counselling. Even if there is no total cure for the infection, you will get medicine that can prevent the virus from growing into AIDS.

Here Are the 10 Early Warning Signs of HIV Infection:

These early HIV infection signs occur between the first and the second month of infection. However, some people develop them as early as two weeks. After some time, the signs disappear, just like the mild flu. However, the virus continues to thrive. That is why you need to go for a check up as soon as you notice the signs.

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10. Headache:

We know that headache can be caused by many different things. But you know when to expect it, since you know your daily activities, how relaxed or depressed you have been all the while. If you usually have a prolonged headache for some time, this might not worry you. You might only be concerned about a headache if it happens within a few weeks after you were exposed to the virus.

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