Cardiff Metropolitan University Sanctuary Award 2023-2024


Cardiff Metropolitan University, located in Cardiff, United Kingdom, is offering the Sanctuary Award, a fully funded scholarship for international students pursuing Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. programs. This scholarship aims to support students who meet specific eligibility criteria, including asylum seekers, refugees, and individuals with Humanitarian Protection status, in their pursuit of higher education. In this comprehensive overview, we will explore the scholarship’s coverage, eligibility criteria, application procedure, and important deadlines.


The Sanctuary Award for international students at Cardiff Metropolitan University is a fully funded scholarship that covers the following:

  • Full Tuition Fee Waiver: Recipients of this scholarship will have their tuition fees fully covered, allowing them to pursue their chosen degree program without the financial burden of tuition costs.
  • Travel and Meal Costs: The scholarship also provides support for travel and meal expenses, ensuring that students have the necessary resources to comfortably attend university.
  • Support from Mentors: Students who receive the Sanctuary Award will have access to mentorship and support throughout their academic journey, helping them to adapt to university life and achieve their educational goals.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Sanctuary Award, applicants must meet two sets of eligibility criteria:

Cardiff Metropolitan University Eligibility Criteria: Before applying for the Sanctuary Award, prospective students need to meet the admission requirements of Cardiff Metropolitan University. These requirements can vary depending on the specific program of study. It is essential to review the university’s admission eligibility criteria on their official website.

Sanctuary Award Specific Eligibility Criteria: In addition to the university’s admission criteria, applicants must meet specific criteria to be considered for the Sanctuary Award. These criteria include:

  • An Asylum Seeker or Dependent of an Asylum Seeker in the UK: Applicants must be asylum seekers or dependents of asylum seekers in the United Kingdom.
  • Granted Discretionary Leave to Remain or Humanitarian Protection Status: Individuals with discretionary leave to remain or Humanitarian Protection status are eligible for this scholarship.
  • A Refugee: Refugees are also eligible for the Sanctuary Award.
  • Residing within Commutable Distance to the University: Applicants must live within a reasonable commuting distance to Cardiff Metropolitan University.
  • Not in Need of Financial Support for Living Costs: The scholarship is primarily focused on covering tuition fees, travel, and meal costs. Therefore, applicants should not require additional financial support for living expenses.
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Prospective applicants should thoroughly review the Cardiff Metropolitan University admissions pages and the Sanctuary Award pages for detailed information on eligibility criteria.

Application Procedure

If you meet both the university’s admission criteria and the specific eligibility criteria for the Sanctuary Award, you can proceed with the application process. It’s important to note that applicants should first apply for admission to Cardiff Metropolitan University before applying for the Sanctuary Award.

Sanctuary Award Application Process

  1. Apply for Admission to Cardiff Metropolitan University: The first step is to complete the university’s admission application process. Visit the official Cardiff Metropolitan University Admissions Section on their website to learn more about the admission process.
  2. Collect Required Documents: To apply for the Sanctuary Award, you will need to gather the following documents:
    • Online Application Form
    • Copy of your offer letter from the university
    • Evidence of your immigration status
  3. Submit Your Scholarship Application: After you have collected the necessary documents, follow these steps to submit your scholarship application:
    • Visit the scholarship page on the Cardiff Metropolitan University website.
    • Complete the Online Application Form, providing accurate and truthful information.
    • Upload the required documents, including your offer letter and evidence of immigration status.

For more detailed information on the application process, please refer to the Sanctuary Award Scholarship Application Procedure Page on the official university website.

Closing Date

One of the notable advantages of the Sanctuary Award is that it does not have a specific application deadline. However, it’s crucial to apply before the Cardiff Metropolitan University admission deadlines to ensure your application is considered. Here are the relevant admission deadlines for different degree programs:

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Bachelor’s Deadlines:

  • September Intake: January 31, 2024
  • UCAS Extra Deadline: July 4, 2023
  • Final Deadline: September 21, 2023
  • September Intake (Clearing): September 30, 2023 (Note that different Bachelor’s programs may have different deadlines)

Master’s Deadlines:

  • September Intake: May 17, 2023 (Different Master’s programs may have different deadlines)
  • January Intake: October 20, 2023 (Different Master’s programs may have different deadlines)


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