Apple Picking Workers Needed Urgently in Canada


Fruit farming has been an ongoing economic activity in Canada since early in the 19th century. Over the time, manual labor for picking of the apples is a need in the country. There have been people from different countries who move to Canada for the apple picking jobs.

Among other jobs in Canada, apple picking jobs are governed by the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Programme (SAWP). This is the body that manages and implements the rules that govern the workers hired in Canada for the seasonal jobs.

Terms for the Apple Picking Job:

Before traveling to Canada for Apple picking jobs, ensure that you are eligible with the SAWP. Obtain a legal travel visa as well then apply for a holiday job via the SAWP. You can check out more information about SAWP on their website.

With the SAWP regulations, your employer will need to enroll you with the work security environment protection board. He should also provide you with accommodation during the work season.

Since the apple picking job is a seasonal one, you should not expect anything like being a permanent employee. You will have to organize whether you will leave or get a residence visa to continue staying in Canada.

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