10 Former Richest Celebrities Who Have Gone Broke

There are some who go from grace to grass, there are others who go from grass to grace and there are others who just go through the full circle and end in uncertainty.

This is not just the story of the common man on the streets, many of those who we celebrate today have experienced this wealth/status circle and some who really rose to the heavens, fell so hard.

It is no rocket science why some of these stars go so broke they have to seek spaces to squat and file for bankruptcy.

The life of a celebrity can be a very tricky one, and it takes only great discipline to be able to stay at the top.

Frivolous spending, the lavish life and the chase after vanity are some of the best excuses you can get for why some stars run out of cash which could last two lifetimes.

Sometimes though, certain ailments tend to make persons spend so much they become bankrupt, and then also drugs and other indulgencies do more harm.

Below are 10 stars who have tasted what it means to go bankrupt, some are seriously unbelievable.

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