10 Worst Plastic Surgeries of Popular Celebrities


1. Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein - worst plastic surgeries of popular celebrities

In one of the greatest, plastic surgery disasters earned Jocelyn Perisset Wildenstein the name “Catwoman” because of the shape of her current face. She was once married to billionaire businessman Alec Wildenstein who split with her because he couldn’t keep up with her extravagant lifestyle. The idea was to please her late husband who loved big cats. The attempt to elicit a more cat-like feature, the surgery went horribly wrong. But as per reports, Jocelyn is fine with her face. And “She looks in the mirror, and she loves what she sees. She got exactly what she wanted..”

What do you think of these worst plastic surgeries of popular celebrities? Will you ever like to go under the knife?

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