10 Legendary Films That Turn 25 In 2017

  1. Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct

This mere image can send shivers down the spine for all the right reasons and gets your blood flowing in all the right places. Basic Instinct has made a name for itself and has inspired hundreds of erotic thrillers all over the world. Starring Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas, this neo-noir film revolved around the intense and sultry relationship around a police detective and the prime suspect of a brutal murder case which he is investigating. The film is noted for its ground-breaking portrayal of sexuality in mainstream cinema and has helped Stone become an iconic cult figure worldwide. It spawned a sequel released in 2006. Despite generating huge controversies, especially its portrayal of homosexual relationships and a bisexual woman, it has become one of the all-time must-watch films.

These films will never age and will continue to amaze us every time we watch them again. A lot of people’s childhood and growing up years included these movies. And now 25 years later, memories are even sweeter.

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