10 Cheapest Sports Cars You’d Be Tempted To Purchase


Sports cars as you can imagine are expensive and beyond most people’s reach which is why we decided to come up with a list of affordable sports cars. We looked high and low, and although it was hard, we have managed to come up with a list of best and cheapest sports cars. It’s worth noting that you can easily get a hold of these cars for under $10,000.

10. Nissan 350Z

Nissan 350Z - Cheapest Sports Cars

First one on our list is Nissan 350Z which in Japan was rolled out as Nissan Fairlady Z Z33. Manufactured by Nissan Motors between 2002 to 2009, it’s a two-seater, two-door sports car. The car was based on the 1999 240Z concept model and later special editions (Fairlady Z Type E 2004, 350Z 35th Anniversary Edition 2005, 350Z GT-S, etc.) were rolled out too. It’s quite affordable now, and you can possibly get your hands on it for under $10,000.


9. Ford Mustang S-197 (fifth generation)

Ford Mustang S-197 - Cheapest Sports Cars

Manufactured from 2004 to 2014 by Ford, the car is the fifth generation of Mustang. It was revised and redesigned in 2010 before being discontinued in 2014. The car was originally designed in 2001 and then finalized in mid-2002 before debuting in 2003. It’s worth mentioning that there are several variants of the car like Bullitt Mustang, Mustang GT/California Special, Shelby Mustang, and Boss 302 Mustang.


8. Chevrolet Camaro Z28 (fourth generation)

Chevrolet Camaro Z28 - Cheapest Sports Cars

The Z28 versions are quiet affordable now. Produced between 1993 and 2002, the cars were stopped producing due to lack of sales and gradual death of the sports cars and not to mention the plant’s overcapacity. With passing year the fourth-generation Chevrolet Camaro models were refined, redesigned, refreshed as well as revised. There were changes both in the exterior as well as interior, changes in the engines were made.

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7. BMW M3 E36

BMW M3 E36 - Cheapest Sports Cars

The car first rolled out in 1992, and today it features in our list of cheapest sports cars. The car is powered by a straight-six engine and a convertible and saloon versions were launched after a year of rolling out. More upgrades were made making the car lightweight, more enhanced with changes in the interior as well as exterior.


6. Honda S2000

Honda S2000 - Cheapest Sports Cars

Manufactured between 1999 and 2009, the car was launched during the celebration of Honda’s 50th century anniversary. It’s a roadster and carries forward the tradition of its earlier models (S500, S600, and S800) with an engine displacement of 2 liters. There were two official versions available – AP1 and the AP2. In its glory days, the several revisions of the car were done, and changes were made not just to the interior and exterior but also to the gearbox, suspension as well as engine.

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