10 Cheapest Vacation Cities To Visit Across The World


When traveling for vacation, there are different factors that you have to consider before choosing your destination. Different people have different tastes and preferences for their holiday tours. Among the many factors you will have to choose from, the general expenses you will incur on your trip cannot be ignored. These cover all the fees you have to pay for your flight, meals, and bed, among other general expenses.

To make sure you are within your budget, you ought to choose from the most affordable cities for your vacation. The idea here is the expenses in a particular place. The air ticket and other expenses you incur are dependent on your preferences and the distance you have to cover to that particular city. In this list, I have highlighted the top 10 cheapest cities around the world that you can pay a visit and spend your vacation.

10. Tehran – Iran:

Tehran is the capital of Iran. You will find the National Jewelry Museum, where you will be able to see the Qajar monarch’s jewels. There is also the National Museum of Iran, where the ancient artifacts are kept from the Paleolithic era. A bed in Tehran cost $162, but the general cost of living is cheap

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