Shocking Celebrity Transformations Photos, Now And Then Will Leave You In Tears!


Richard Dean Anderson

American actor and producer Richard Dean Anderson, known for his work in MacGyver, Firehouse, Stargate General Hospital, Pandora’s Clock, among others, had the looks that could make anyone go weak in the knees. The shoulder-length hair, the sharp bone structure, the dark eyes; he had it all that we dream in a guy from the classic retro era. It’s a shame that a look into his current self makes it seem that he’s a completely different individual. Well, the iconic characters that he portrayed over the years are what we take comfort in, because what he did to those characters, is purely magic.

It is very easy for us to write an article criticising celebrities (who themselves are under constant public scrutiny) for their outer looks and the way they have aged. Common people probably age a million times horribly than them. And that’s okay. That’s what age does to you. This article is not a dig at any of the celebrities mentioned above and we apologize if we have hurt somebody through our writing. Our intention is just to take a look back in order to see the comparisons of what age has done to these celebrities. This list of shocking celebrity photos then and now is just an analysis of what a number of factors does to one’s physical self over a period of time.