Shocking Celebrity Transformations Photos, Now And Then Will Leave You In Tears!

Transformations aren’t always pretty. Age has strange ways of transforming people. The adverse effects of it are more prevalently seen among celebrities. Constant loads of make-up, drugs, alcohol, stress and the infinite pressure of being under public scrutiny often has horrendous effects on the physicality of a person. Today, we take a look at some of its biggest victims. Yes, presenting before you some of the most shocking celebrity photos then and now.

Omar Sharif

Egyptian actor Omar Sharif was the epitome of handsomeness in his youth. With the jawline that seemed to be drawn by an artist clubbed with dark hair and piercing eyes, Sharif was what we call a glass of sensuous wine. Known for his work in Funny Girl, Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago, among others, Sharif’s current appearance leaves us high and dry because the transformation is hard to digest. But, hey, how many of us can look even half the better of what he did in his youth?

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