10 Indoor/Outdoor Plants That Purify The Air


If there is a better time to practice the habit of keeping plants around us, the time is now.

The earth has reached a stage where the air has been infiltrated, machines and automobiles fill the air with carbons and mono-oxides which are dangerous to our health.

To stay healthy, it is advisable to for each home to have plants inside and outside the house.

The reason is simple, the air in our cities have been infiltrated with carbon which happens to be of great benefits to plants and hazardous to man.

By having these plants, we run a circle that keeps the atmosphere filtered. In that,  the plants take in the carbon and release fresh Oxygen into the air.

That said, below are 10 of those plants which we can have either indoor/outdoor .

They are not just for the purpose of  beautifying the environment, but filtering the air, making the atmosphere human friendly again.

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